What the SEO Experts Can Do For Your Business

I run a small hardware shop here in the outskirts of Boston and we offer some additional services too such as a locksmith and others and I have been here for over 35 years. When I first began the business all those years ago the only marketing that we ever had to do was to make sure that our customers told a friend about us and that we would put a sign in the window. Around 4 years ago another hardware store opened up near us and we began losing a lot of business indeed. I spoke to my nephew who is one of the so called SEO experts and he spoke to me about putting an online campaign together. I quickly learned about this SEO thing and I wanted to share with you just how much it has helped my business.

What is SEO?

In short SEO is boy manipulating content so that the search engines will rank your website highly for a particular set of keywords. In my case the team worked hard to get my business to feature on page one of the rankings when someone types in ‘hardware store Boston’. The reason why this is important is because they tell me that customers rarely look beyond page 1 or 2.


The first evidence that this was working for me was when I saw that my company had actually pushed my new competitors off from page 1 on the search engine results, surely people would now see my store instead of the competition. Just a few weeks afterwards and sales were picking once again, although I was still al intel skeptical, a month later and sales were still up, I was convinced that the SEO had helped.


I have to be honest the only reason why I invested money in SEO to begin with was to try and ward off the competition somewhat and get my customers back but I got far more than I actually bargained for. Initially I thought that the customers were coming back tome because of the sales figures but for the next 5 months I saw incremental sales month on month until I was hitting record figures. I quickly realized just how powerful the SEO strategy was and how much it was driving customers through my door.


My nephew told me that the reason as to why the other hardware store was able to attract visitors so quickly was because they were a known brand which had their own style and their own ethos, something which I should embark upon. Using the additional visibility that SEO gave me I have since used this traction to further the business and we are just about to open our second store.

SEO was a very important tool in my business and if you haven’t used it before I would certainly urge you to invest in this excellent strategy.