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Sony NEX F3 Steps up Game for Gadget and Photography Fans

Gadgets May 25, 2012 by
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Photography Gadgets Sony NEX F3 6

Calling all photography and gadgets fans: here comes the new high-range Sony NEX F3, a clear step up from its low and mid-range antecessors. The new camera sports a 16.1 megapixel sensor, as well as an awfully useful and cool tilting LCD, which is able to swing over the top and face forward – a great feature if you’re in the habit of taking self-portraits, or if you want to be able to show your models what their picture is going to look like. In terms of body design, the improvements are questionable to say the least. In comparison to the NEX-C3, this camera is larger and heavier, with a wider grip and a lower top surface (and implicitly the shutter button is lower too). The camera also has a flash socket and a pop-up flash in the top deck. Users and reviewers were quite pleased with its results in HDR mode, so if you’re looking for a new camera, the Sony NEX F3 might just be the one for you.

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