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Pets and plants: How to keep your furry friends’ safe

Having a pet around you is quite an experience. They are just adorable and irresistibly charming. Whether it’s a cat or a dog, there is always this deep connection between a pet owner and his pet. Anyhow aside from that, it is a pet owner’s responsibility to take care of his/her pet by feeding it well, cleaning after it and most importantly ensure for its safety. Your cat could unknowingly gnaw on the electric cable lying on the floor and get zapped which is just terrible. Therefore, let’s explore how you can best keep your furry friend safe.

Physical safety
Physical safety for your furry friend involves prevention of any occurrence that may lead to bodily injury or harm. You can ensure the physical safety of your pet through the following ways;
I. While you are indoors with your pet, you can ensure its safety by locking all doors and windows. Pets could slip from the open windows of your apartment and fall causing injury. Your pet may run outside and encounter lots of outdoor dangers.
II. You should keep your furry friend away from kitchen counters to prevent any occurrence of them knocking over cooking equipment.
III. Pets are known to be curious, and unknowingly they may bump into or knock candles over causing burns. If you want to keep them safe from such situations, it is wise to replace such hazardous objects with electric ones that are safer. Also, covering or removing stove knobs is a safety precaution that can prevent fire accidents.
IV. Other physical safety precautions include;
• Covering the fireplace
• Keeping them off the hot asphalt,
• Do not leave them unsupervised at the swimming pool
• Avoid locking them in the car when it is hot and
• Get them identity tags that would lead them back to you in case they got lost.

Health safety
Health safety for your pet entails any safety measure that prevents them from falling sick. A healthy pet life is achieved by feeding them good food, regular exercise and keeping them away from factors harmful to their health.
Keeping track of what your pet takes in every day is not an easy task. Pets are mostly chewy and usually ingest substances left on the floor. You could keep your pet safe by ensuring that such chewy objects are far from their reach.
Concurrently you should ensure that no harmful chemicals containers are left on your floor. Pets dehydrate fast on hot days. It is therefore vital that you provide them with easy access to clean and fresh water available for them. Routine checkups by the vet also go a long way in facilitating safety for your furry friend. Such checkups reduce the buildup of disease while vaccination or treatment is a precaution safety against other diseases.

The safety measures mentioned above are some of the best ways you can keep your furry friends safe. These beings depend on you entirely for their safety. Some may consider it extreme, but you can opt to include your furry friend in the family protection plan just in case of any unforeseen accident occurs.