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My Background Check – Why it is Essential That Your Business Uses Background Checks During Recruitment

Recruitment is of course a vital area of your business’ operations and ensuring that you recruit the right people for you business is crucial to its success. Recruitment however is about far more than simply listing a position and choosing the right person, you also must carry out background checks on anyone who you are considering for the position. There are some excellent services out there such as My Background Check who can take this task off your hands and ensure that your new members of staff check out, and here is why it is so important that you complete such a check.

The Whole Truth

Many people believe that lying on their resume is a great way to increase their chances of getting a job but this can be something which could cause issues. This is especially true if you are hiring for a position which requires any form of specialization and you may find out that the time and effort which you have put into recruitment have been wasted if you hire someone who in fact doesn’t have the specializations that you need. A quick background check will ensure that everything the applicant has on their resume is the truth.

Criminal History

A key part of the background checks which are carried out is the criminal background check which will check for any indiscretions at county, state and federal level. Hiring someone with a criminal history is your choice of course but you should always be aware of this beforehand. If someone has a history of violence and you haven’t picked up on it then you could be putting your workforce at risk, remove the risk with a simple background check.

Credit Search

During the background check you will also receive information about someone’s credit history which can provide you with some interesting information about the person that you are planning to hire. This is of course not to say that you shouldn’t hire someone with a poor credit score but you may wish to reconsider how well they will be able to handle finances in the business if that is what the job entails.


If the position that you are hiring for involves the person having to drive a company vehicle you will of course want to ensure that they have a strong driving history. A complete background check will tell you how clean the applicant’s license is and will also give you the low down on any accidents which they have had and any traffic violations. If the person hasn’t declared this on their application form you need to find out the truth, if their resume checks out then great but if there is something to be found, it will be critical that you know before you think about hiring someone.

A background check is very easy and it could save you and the company from potentially dire consequences later on down the road.