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Learning How to Sing


Singing is the act of combining voice and regular speech tone with a variety of vocal techniques to produce melodious sounds. It can be projected with or without musical instruments as the singer or vocalist produces the sounds, vocal ornamentation and melodies that make up a song.

Singing, like every physical activity, requires a skill that may be inherent or acquired through learning and practice. Like other creative skills, singing is easily learnt at a tender age more so than adult age, but that fact does not mean an adult cannot become a singer. For adults a more stringent learning process and commitment will likely be required to master the skill. The following tips are helpful with aiding the process of learning how to sing:

• Improving your health: This comes in the form of watching your diet and carrying out breathing exercises which will help you get the best out of your voice and enable you to master difficult singing techniques. By getting the maximum sound from the minimum air in your lungs, you will naturally be able to execute some singing techniques without much effort. Drink a lot of water to keep your vocal cords hydrated, and work on your general well-being to improve your singing voice.

• Get a coach for singing: In order to learn the skills and techniques required for singing you should find a qualified voice teacher who will provide instruction on techniques, posture, breathing, etc. They will also provide drills and exercises as well as give you instant and sincere feedback on your progress.

• Identify your singing range: This aids your knowledge of the pitches you can sing comfortably. It helps you know the genre of songs that suit your voice type. To arrive at improving your vocal range, you work on your vocal pitch and vocal power.

• Engage in warm-ups: Keeping your vocal cords in top condition through specific exercises will aid the easy transition, and allow you to sing for longer periods without feeling fatigued.

• Listen to other singers: Exposure to the songs of singers that you admire will help improve your own style as you pick tips that will improve your skills. In order to improve your own singing it is important to work on your listening skills so that you can hear what others do well, in addition to the mistakes they make. This information will be valuable to you as you avoid those mistakes and recognize when you are singing correctly.

• Singing posture: Adopt a proper singing posture that will free up your chest for improved control of the air from your lungs. Posture also helps you own your stage; standing in a manner that boosts of confidence, and eliminates stage fright.

• Rehearse with songs: Sing to yourself in front of your mirror, record the song and if possible, upload it to social media for feedback; work on the negatives and improve the positives. This helps boost your confidence from the encouragement or friends. Also try to record your karaoke performances. In our heads we may sound good, but the recording may tell a different story.

• Apply for competitions: Apply to participate in local singing competitions to showcase your talent and boost your confidence as you learn how to handle large crowds.

• Practice constantly: Sing on a daily basis, because as is often said, practice makes perfect. Also, practicing how to sing regularly leads you closer to perfecting your singing ability and prevents back-sliding or forgetting what you have already learned.You can also apply for online singing lessons to complement the efforts of the singing coach or use sites like YouTube free vocal lessons. For an easy and inexpensive option, considering this site for learning to sing online. Find out about other programs offered online and how you can download resources for use at your convenience.