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Explore Busy Japanese Pro’s Teisuke Morimoto Gadget Essentials

Gadgets April 24, 2012 by
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Ever thought what the contents of your pockets/bag have to say about you? The gadgets you carry speak volumes, says Eddie Eng, over at HypeBeast. He met up with Teisuke Morimoto, from Osaka, Japan, and had him empty his pockets and bag. Morimoto is a professional videographer and photographer, as well as the owner of Japan’s sole distributor of cycling products from BlkMrkt and Tonic Fabrication. His daily schedule is as hectic as they come, since he has to maintain daily connections with clients in Japan and abroad, from small, locally-owned bike shops, to industry giants such as Portland Design Works in the U.S. – a whole Pacific Ocean away! Morimoto is also a professional cycler with a penchant for traveling and racing. He recently came in 2nd in the Category 3 division of the national Cyclocross 2012.

Teisuke Morimoto Essentials 01

In what concerns his most prized possessions and gadgets, you’ll find in the picture that he always carries around a BOSE SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker from LX, a Rolex watch, a pack of peppermint Altoids, his Tom Ford Camillo sunglasses, a Swiss knife from PB Swiss Tools, a Campagnolo Peanut Butter Wrench, and a Portland Design Works Magic Flute Bike Pump. He is currently reading Raymond Chandler’s murder mystery The Long Goodbye and says he is most fond of his 1980s Land Rover Defender truck, whose keys are featured in the image. Quite a busy guy, huh?


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