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Everything you need to know about your next charter bus rental

When travelling in a large group with friends, family members, or coworkers, getting from point A to point B can be challenging to say the least. Trying to stick together in your caravan of cars might seem nearly impossible. And getting to the airport on time just to see the insanely long security lines can be a nightmare in itself.

The terrors of travelling in a group can easily be alleviated by hiring a charter bus rental. Maybe the idea of travelling by bus has never been all that appealing to you, but nowadays charter buses are more comfortable than ever. For your next big professional conference or college reunion trip, think about renting a charter bus.

Still on the fence about it? Here’s everything you need to know about renting a charter bus, no matter the occasion.

Who typically rents from charter bus companies?

Just about anyone can rent a charter bus for just about anything. Common renters include anyone from sports teams to wedding parties to corporate businesses. But there is no discrimination in who is allowed to rent from a charter bus company. Even high school prom parties have been known to rent charter buses rather than limousines.

How many people can a charter bus hold?

This really depends on the individual bus within the company’s fleet. Typically there are a few options to choose from, ranging in 36 to 60 passengers, with an average around 55. This is why it is important to know your party size before booking the bus.

This high number of passengers is the main difference between a charter bus and a mini (or party) bus. A minibus cannot hold more than 35 passengers, so if you’re group is larger you’ll have to choose a charter.

Will the long drive actually be comfortable?

You might wonder how a bus ride could ever be comfortable. But it turns out charter buses might actually be the comfiest form of travel. Each seat has the ability to recline much more than the seats on an airplane. Almost all charter companies have buses with air conditioning and even come with TV monitors and DVD players.

What is and isn’t allowed on the bus?

If your travelling for a special event or occasional rather than professional reasons, you might be wondering about alcoholic beverages. Many companies do indeed allow alcohol on the bus, but in these cases they also require a refundable deposit. If things get out of hand and the bus suffers from damage, you won’t get this deposit back.

Food and other drinks are also permitted by most companies, but check before you bring your Subway footlongs and 7-Eleven Slurpees. And always be respectful by cleaning up your own messes; the driver is there to ensure your safety and on-time arrival, not act as your maid. 

But what about bathroom breaks?

If you’re worried about the bathroom situation, have no fear. Your group of 50 won’t be stopping every 20 minutes for bathroom breaks. There is a compact restroom on almost every charter bus. The company will ensure that it is clean before your group gets on.