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Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pistachio Tartlets Vanquish NY Resolutions

Food & Drink January 10, 2012 by
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Pick Yin is Malaysian, lives in Singapore, is getting ready for celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Dragon, thinks life is great, and, most, importantly, is a cooking fanatic. More specifically, she loves baking—and it goes without saying that all which one does out of love, one ends up doing well. Her latest concoction makes one wonder what is cuter and tastier than tarts? Don’t you know? Why, it’s tartlets, of course, the smaller, more adorable cousins of the fully fledged tarts. Pick Yin’s friend Najah had requested something specifically “light, in small doses,” which she could eat without feeling like she was binging after the group’s communal cookout and ensuing culinary feast.

Pick Yin came up with the lovely dark chocolate, raspberry and pistachio tartlets you see featured below. She had the shells baked beforehand, whipped up an awe-inspiring batch of chocolate ganache (by all accounts), cut in some raspberry jam and topped it all off with green, crunchy, delicious pistachio. According to her own words, they came out extremely filling, leaving her and her friend feeling as if “they were pregnant”. They are to be enjoyed slowly, in tranquility, with a good cup of coffee. The recipe is somewhat complex, as it involves prebaking a pâte sucré type shell, leaving some 300 grams of fresh raspberries to macerate with castor sugar, then preparing the ganache itself, out of whipping, corn syrup and chopped dark chocolate. After all is said and done, though, once the tartlets have been assembled and are ready for the eating… all you need to remember is not to have more than one. Otherwise, you might be surprised to find that your old clothes no longer fit!


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