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BMW to Conquer Small, Powerful Rides Mkt with 2013 M135i

Rides May 23, 2012 by
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It’s no secret to anyone who knows anything about cars that German automotive major player BMW makes well-designed rides, but with their 2013 M135i, they’re also out to prove they can pack some serious power under those sleek hoods – or so revealed to us. According to the source, the small 3-door hatch will be powered by a 3-liter, straight 6 engine, able to produce no fewer than 320 horsepower. This basically means this hot little tot will have the capacity to reach 0-60 mph in some 4.9 seconds, while its top speed will be 155 mph. The car hits European showrooms in late 2012, and industry rumors have it that a five-door variant will also be available for sale.

2013 BMW M135i 1


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