Best SEO Agency – What SEO Can Do For Your Business

If you haven’t heard of SEO before, it stands for search engine optimization and it is an online digital marketing strategy which greatly changed the fortunes of my small hardware store, and it can work for your business too. In a nutshell my store took a hit a couple of years ago after a big chain of hardware stores opened one up near me. I lost customers as a result and had it not been for the best SEO agency in the US, I’m not sure that I’d have got them back. Here is a little more about SEO, and what it can do for your business.


To understand SEO I will give you the following example, you have a financial advice business in Portland, Oregon, and you would like it if your business came up first when people reached on Google for ‘financial advisor Portland’. The reason why this is important is because the consumer rarely looks past page 2 of the search results. To get yourself up there you need to ‘please’ the Google algorithm so that it will think you are the best choice to present the consumer with, SEO gets you up the rankings.


In my case I wanted to try to do something about the competition and so I used SEO for this reason and so can you. Simply put if your competition is not already using SEO then you can use this to get ahead of the curve and take over some market share. If your competition has invested in an SEO campaign then you will be able to use this medium to keep up with them. Even some of the biggest companies in the world haven’t realized the power which SEO can have for their business and this is why it can greatly help out the smaller businesses.

Brand Growth

SEO can greatly help in your endeavors to create a brand around your business and through this you will be far more visible and in clients faces than ever before. The more that you feature on search results for a number of keywords the more seeds you will plant into the minds of the consumers. Even if they don’t use you this time around, they will know about you for the future.


And finally the most important reason for investing in SEO is of course to drive sales to your business which it most certainly does. The reason why we can count on so many additional sales is because we know that more people are using search engines than ever before to find the businesses, the products and the services that they want. Consumers are even searching for physical businesses using search engines now and that is why we must make sure that we are making our business visible on the search engines. The return on investment in very good for SEO and you will see a shape increase in sales.