• Healthier life

    5 Simple Changes for a Healthier Life

    It seems, wherever we look there’s someone trying to sell us the next best thing that will make our lives healthier and happier. With so many things claiming to do it all for us, it’s often difficult to cut through the noise. Often, a simpler approach is that’s needed because, if we really think about it, we all know the what it takes to make our lives healthier. Sometimes we just need to take it back to basics and address the most important pillars of health.  Without further ado, let’s take a look at the simple changes you can make to make your life healthier, without fads, quick fixes or…

  • Singing
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    Learning How to Sing

    Singing is the act of combining voice and regular speech tone with a variety of vocal techniques to produce melodious sounds. It can be projected with or without musical instruments as the singer or vocalist produces the sounds, vocal ornamentation and melodies that make up a song. Singing, like every physical activity, requires a skill that may be inherent or acquired through learning and practice. Like other creative skills, singing is easily learnt at a tender age more so than adult age, but that fact does not mean an adult cannot become a singer. For adults a more stringent learning process and commitment will likely be required to master the…

  • Technology

    Frequently Asked Questions about Fibre Broadband

    Fibre Broadband is basically internet connection involving the transmission of information from place to place, carried out by light pulses through an optical fibre. An optical fibre is a transparent and flexible type of fibre that is largely used for transmitting light for communication needs. This method is currently used by many telecommunications organizations, internet service providers and even cable television companies. If you’re new to fibre optic communication, here are a few questions you might have that will explain things better. Why Should I Use Fibre Broadband Instead of Regular Broadband? The reason for this is actually very simple. Regular broadband connections use copper phone lines for their data…

  • Growing your Own Cannabis

    5 Things Canadians Love About Growing Their Own Cannabis

    On October 17th last year, something big happened for Canada. Recreational smoking finally become legal throughout the country, but that’s not even the most exciting part. Most Canadians are also allowed to grow their own recreational plants within the comforts of home. Even though residents are only allowed to grow 4 plants for recreational purposes, this is still exciting stuff! Canadians can easily get a higher plant count by contacting Cannabis Growing Canada – CGC for short – to apply for their medical grow license. All in all Canadians are loving the new Cannabis Act, especially for the ability to grow their own plants at home. Here are 5 things…

  • Tech PR
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    A Tech PR Company Has Big Advantages over a Traditional PR Company

    The leading tool that any company today uses to level the playing field against the competition no matter their size is technology. The growth of new tech including the internet, the use of business software, mobile devices and a revamping how companies operate in terms of sales and marketing using tech tools, has created new industries, fueled hyper growth of some companies and industries and caused dramatic shifts in the fortunes of many companies as well. For those companies who specialize in tech, times have never been better. However getting the word out about themselves is a challenge. The solution and perhaps only real way out of this dilemma for…