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A Tech PR Company Has Big Advantages over a Traditional PR Company

The leading tool that any company today uses to level the playing field against the competition no matter their size is technology. The growth of new tech including the internet, the use of business software, mobile devices and a revamping how companies operate in terms of sales and marketing using tech tools, has created new industries, fueled hyper growth of some companies and industries and caused dramatic shifts in the fortunes of many companies as well.

For those companies who specialize in tech, times have never been better. However getting the word out about themselves is a challenge. The solution and perhaps only real way out of this dilemma for tech companies is to engage a tech PR company to help get the message out about the unique benefits of their products and services to potential customers.

There are new opportunities from every size company looking to gain a tech advantage over competitors and looking to set themselves up to be providers of the newest technology hot products. The only challenge with this industry today is that there are so many tech products in the marketplace and many of which are similar over that have overlapping benefits that it is difficult to differentiate between them all. This can leave potential customers overwhelmed and unsure of which moves to make to get the products and services they need to make their organizations the most effective and efficient possible.

Here some of the benefits that tech companies can receive by hiring a tech PR company to help them market their brand, product and services.

Up to the Minute Marketing

Hiring a tech PR Company gives a tech company inability to release news about his product and services up-to-the-minute and as it happens. Traditional PR will focus on periodicals that might hit the newsstands daily, weekly or even monthly. A tech PR company will get out information on the day and even minute that it happens. This is important because technology is changing so quickly that it is imperative that it’s benefits get shared immediately. Tech PR companies coordinate the release of this information for the greatest impact.

Global Reach

Tech PR companies deliver information simultaneously to a global market. They are set up for quick dissemination of information and all the relevant places where it can make a positive impact for clients. If a company wants to make a big statement into make that statement in front of millions of people, a tech PR Company can utilize online digital distribution platforms including social media, blogs, and email marketing to reach every Market needed around the world. This level of reach simply was not possible a decade or two ago and doing it do traditional means was not cost-effective.

Interaction with PR

Tech PR companies create media that aims to cause interactions between those to whom it is spread. This media can get immediate reactions by its target markets. Do they like it? Do they want to see more like it? Are they willing to share it with others in their network or communities? This ability to solicit feedback can be of great importance to a company. They can use it to aim their marketing better and to create cost-effective marketing campaigns.