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8 Dos and Dont’s in The Beauty World

Beauty is skin deep, and caring for that skin is not trivial. Skin care ensures that we glow with health and vitality. The beauty world is governed by rules and laws that have been established through trial and error and experience, and by medical professionals.

These rules are by no means exhaustive, but they encompass the most common pitfalls of people in their beauty routine.

We have highlighted 8 of those rules for the beauty lover.


  1. Moisturize with SPF
    Get a good moisturizer with SPF factor not less than 36. The sun’s rays can damage your skin. In the long run, prolonged exposure can cause skin cancer.
  2. Find your right shade of makeup and use it
    This way your makeup will blend well with your skin, and look as natural as possible. Having a white face and a brown skin is so tacky. Fortunately, there are makeup brands that cater to women of all colors.
  3. Get enough sleep
    Sleep at least 8 hours everyday, so that your skin cells can regenerate. When we sleep, the entire body rests and metabolic processes are slowed. Healing and skin repair occurs faster at this time. Due to rest, the skin looks fresher and less puffy in the morning.
  4. Clean your makeup brushes
    At least once every month, with apple cider vinegar, mild soap and water. Makeup brushes are a great place for the multiplication of germs which can cause acne.


  1. Touch your face
    We carry germs on our hands, and face touching transfers those germs to our skin, causing breakouts. Make a conscious effort not to touch your face after your morning routine, and during the day. This also includes pressing pimples too-leave the zits alone, or you are risking getting permanently scarred.
  2. Lighten with chemicals
    Lightening your skin is something you should never do. Skin lightening chemicals mess with the structural integrity of your skin, causing wounds and breakouts to heal slower than normal. Using them for a long time can lead to skin cancers. Not just that, but bleached skin is difficult to maintain, as it does not have the natural protection that normal skin has. This means that it is easily damaged, and infected.
  3. Share your makeup brushes
    Other people’s skin problems can become your own if they use your brushes, especially if they’re not cleaned after. You shouldn’t use other people’s makeup or their makeup brushes either.
  4. Drink soda or eat processed foods
    They are bad for your health, and this reflects on your skin too. They can cause heavy outbreaks of acne and oily skin, because your skin care starts from what you eat. Try to add lots of fruits and veggies to your diet, and don’t overcook them so that you can get the most out of their benefits. Your skin will thank you.

Knowing what to do is important, but so is knowing what not to do. So be kind to your skin, and it will reward you beautifully.