Growing your Own Cannabis

5 Things Canadians Love About Growing Their Own Cannabis

On October 17th last year, something big happened for Canada. Recreational smoking finally become legal throughout the country, but that’s not even the most exciting part. Most Canadians are also allowed to grow their own recreational plants within the comforts of home.

Even though residents are only allowed to grow 4 plants for recreational purposes, this is still exciting stuff! Canadians can easily get a higher plant count by contacting Cannabis Growing Canada – CGC for short – to apply for their medical grow license.

All in all Canadians are loving the new Cannabis Act, especially for the ability to grow their own plants at home. Here are 5 things residents of the country up north are loving about growing their own weed.

It is more cost effective in the long run.

Even though growing your own plants – even just 4 – requires a bit of money to get started, you’ll end up saving money in the end. The initial investment of having to purchase a light and other essential equipment is well worth it. This is especially true with the rising cost of weed and the high government taxes that have been put into place.

It allows for complete control over what to smoke.

If you’re a seasoned weed smoker, you probably know yourself pretty well. The more you smoke the more you begin to learn about which strains you like and whether you prefer sativa or indica. When shopping at retail stores or browsing online dispensaries, you’re limited to the strains they have on hand.

Growing your own weed gives you complete control over the strains you smoke. You can purchase seeds or clones of your favorite strains and even try out new ones. Figuring out what you like to smoke – and what you like to grow – is half the fun!

Growing cannabis is just the start…

You could say that growing weed is a special type of gardening. Maybe you’re not growing tomatoes or basil, but it is still gardening nonetheless. Gardening weed could quickly turn into a passion of yours, and maybe you’ll even try growing other things. Your small weed garden could turn into something much bigger.

Weed growing can be fun!

As we said before, a weed growing hobby can quickly turn into a passion. Some growers never realized how much they love cannabis until they actually start growing it. Of course growing can be hard work – especially for large grow ops – but it can also be a lot of fun. Not only can it become a fun hobby, but working with plants is therapeutic and can enhance your well-being.

It will save you trips to busy dispensaries and save you money on weed shipping costs.

Depending on where you live in Canada, visiting a dispensary can be a huge hassle. People living in Vancouver have it easy when it comes to weed dispensaries, but not so much for Canadians living in the Yukon. When you grow your own plants, you won’t need to bother with this. All you need to do to pack a bowl or roll a joint is open your stash of home-grown marijuana.