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5 Simple Changes for a Healthier Life

It seems, wherever we look there’s someone trying to sell us the next best thing that will make our lives healthier and happier. With so many things claiming to do it all for us, it’s often difficult to cut through the noise.

Often, a simpler approach is that’s needed because, if we really think about it, we all know the what it takes to make our lives healthier. Sometimes we just need to take it back to basics and address the most important pillars of health. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the simple changes you can make to make your life healthier, without fads, quick fixes or the latest trends. 

Lift weights

Exercise is essential to achieving and maintaining a healthy body, but lifting weights and creating a powerful body has recently been proven to be the key to a longer life. 

Simply by changing the way you challenge your body and including more weight-centric workouts into your routine, you can build muscle, strength and improve your overall vitality. 

If you’re not familiar with weightlifting, speak to a personal trainer about starting you off with the correct training technique and exercise form. From there, begin with a 4-week training program and start to work through it, being sure to consistently challenge your body throughout. 

Be mindful

Of course, the mind is equally as important as the body when it comes to creating a healthy life, and one great way to ensure good mental health is to practice mindfulness as much as possible.

This can involve regular meditation, heightening your mental awareness and just generally taking time to appreciate those you have around you. 

Mindfulness is important because it can help to reduce anxiety and stress and improve your overall enjoyment of life. 

You can apply mindfulness to the ways you look after yourself too. For example, mindful eating can help you to really get a new perspective on what you eat and how it’s going to benefit your body. 

Eat right 

This means far more than eating less calories – something so many people confuse with ‘healthy’. By ensuring you eat the right amount of calories, take on all the right nutrients and nourish your body, you can improve a huge number of bodily functions. 

Adding a variety of vegetables and foods to your meals is key to improving a huge range of processes within your body. You may find you’re less fatigued, sleep better, look and feel healthier and promote an overall better physique. 

You should also consider eating a portion of protein at each meal. A high protein diet has been proven to help promote lean, fat-free mass [1]. By combining this with weight training, you should be able to boost muscle and cut down on fat, something we know is essential to physical health. 

One key thing we mentioned briefly, is eating enough food. Whether that means cutting down or increasing your calorie intake, your body needs an optimal amount of food to function properly.

If you often find yourself eating too much, then you may find a natural appetite suppressant like glucomannan could help. It’s completely natural and safe and is used in weight management aids like Hunter Burn, a premium fat burner for men. 

Overall, the main aim with this is thinking about how you can nourish and care for your body with the food you eat. Whether your aim is to lose or gain weight, as long as you’re fueling up on all the key nutrients and calories you need, you’ll start to feel healthier. 

Cut out stress

One of the most damaging things to your mind and body is stress. The ‘stress hormone’ cortisol, is known as a catabolic substance, which means it can degrade your muscle. 

It can also lead to mental fatigue and can even reduce testosterone levels in men, therefore impacting overall wellbeing. 

While it’s easier said than done, a great way to make your life that little bit healthier is to start taking action against stress.

A few ways you can do this are taking a break from stressful situations if possible, exercise more, reduce caffeine intake, spend more time with family and friends and take part in meditation regularly. 

Get better sleep

Pulling in a good sleep every night is one of the most important things when it comes to leading a healthier life. During this down time, your body performs some very essential maintenance work that can keep you in top shape. 

Without enough sleep you can increase stress and you even become more likely to suffer from diseases like heart disease [2]. Lack of quality rest can also impair concentration and memory.

One way to help improve your ability to fall asleep is to plan a regular bedtime. This gives your body a clock to work to and can ensure you get a health 7-8 hours every night. 

Also consider cutting down your phone and laptop time before bed. The screen emits blue lights that your brain associates with daytime, which can make you feel more awake when you really need to be closing up shop for the day. 

By reducing the amount of artificial light you look at in the hour before you fall asleep, you should find it easier to fall asleep and could also improve the quality of your sleep. 

By implementing these basic, yet effective changes you should be able to life a healthier and happier life. It’s not all about going for the latest trends and fads, instead you can take a simple approach to addressing and improving the key areas where that influence health. 

Why not give it a try and let us know how you get on.